English as a Second Language Course Director (Professor) – 2012-2014
Full Sail University, Winter Park FL

• Accent Reduction – Sole author and creator of the course textbook Accent Redux iBook, published through iTunes University, which covers pronunciation for vowels, consonants, consonant blends, special consonant spellings, differentiating consonants, diphthongs & digraphs, r-controlled, endings, linking words and phrases, stress patterns, and homonymy. Textbook also includes three course videos introducing pronunciation for vowels and consonants as well as more than 75 audio tracks which accompany word list exercises as well as links to 75+ Quizlet sets with images for vocabulary acquisition sound pattern reinforcement.
• Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Grammar – Teach grammar instruction with a project-based, contextual learning approach, which helps students to understand the relevancy of the material and engages them effectively.
• Writing and Composition – Teach the necessary components of the five-paragraph essay and a variety of other writing styles such as research paper writing with APA citations, blog writing, script writing, discussion boards, and journaling.
• Integrated Learning – My Accent Redux course contains five projects which culminate in an original music video. Students write lyrics, create a musical soundtrack, scout film locations, design a storyboard/shot list, film video clips, and editing all of these components to effectively and artistically tell a story. They sing or speak their vocal track, giving them the opportunity to showcase pronunciation principles learned in class.
• Technology Integration – All of the classes I teach capitalize on mobile learning via the iPad. Some of the essential apps I use for my Accent Redux class include: iTunes University, iBook, Dragon Dictation, Google Drive, Shotlist, iMovie, Garageband, RhymeZone, Google Translate, Scavenger Hunt With Friends, YouTube, Dropbox. Web 2.0 resources I use include: (in-class back channel),,, Visual Thesaurus, Quizlet, and

Virtual Arts Education Developer – 2010 – 2011

• Launched World Upside Down, an online arts education school for students K-12.
• Created 20 15-minute video lessons in drama and music for students K-2, complete with a curriculum grid, lesson plans, and activities.

Click here to see the Video Classes. 
Click here to see a Curriculum Sample.

English as a Second Language – 1996 – 2014

• Worked with educational organizations (listed below) to develop aspects of their ESL curriculum (Basic English Vocabulary, Grammar & Composition, Business Writing, Advanced Grammar).
• Developed a special curriculum ESL phonics for adult learners. Click here to see a sample lesson.
• Technology integration: online videos, games, exercises, social network communication, blogging, and iGoogle collaboration tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

Berlitz Learning Center – Orlando, Florida – –  2011
Private Instructor – Orlando, Florida 2009-2011
Private Instructor – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2001 – 2008
American School – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2000-2001
Greenville Technical College – Greenville, South Carolina – 1999 – 2000
Wetzel Educational Services – Greenville, South Carolina – 1999 – 2000
The Language Institute – Santiago, Dominican Republic – 1999
Grace Baptist School – Santiago, Dominican Republic – 1997
Beijing Preparatory School – Beijing, China – 1996

K-5 Virtual Content Writer – 1997-1998

• Wrote scripts for Math & English virtual instructors for the Bob Jones University Distance Learning curriculum development team. 

Marketing & Sales Manager and Corporate Trainer – 2001 – 2011
HigherLife Development Services – Oviedo, FL – – 2009 – 2011

• Developed workplans/workflows identifying key action steps, resources needed, and timelines in order to develop new marketing services & trade sales packages.
• Managed the day-to-day services for 50+ clients at one time through manual workflow and Salesforce software.
• Identified, recruited, and managed third-party vendors to provide numerous marketing & trade sales services.
• Customized online tools such as website, blog, eNewsletters, and social network platforms to provide appropriate interaction with clients and increase sales.
• Maintained constant communication with third-party vendors to ensure a seamless interface in the quality of services provided for clients within the project deadlines.
• Wrote a 75-page marketing services handbook with step-by-step instructions on all services and procedures.
• Monitored outcomes of marketing services to determine effectiveness and future use.
• Created professional and compelling copy/written materials for books, promotional materials, and websites.

Check out my portfolio to see sample copywriting work.

Marketing & Sales Support
Jairo Puello Ministries, INDIE Record Label – – 2001 – 2011

• Wrote compelling copy for CD album covers, entertainment press kits, concert programs, and press releases.
• Conducted all business correspondence and maintained business records.
• Created training materials for concerts, workshops, and seminars (videos, radio spots, and slides/handouts).
• Designed website architecture and directed social network media campaigns, blogging, and copywriting.


National Director
Awana Clubs International – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – 2001 – 2008

• Designed and implemented a four-year leadership program for national staff (15), including basic club training, leadership evaluation and assessments, personal life coaching, and specialized leadership seminar preparation.
• Wrote a complete Spanish procedural manual, which included the vision, mission, and purpose statement of the organization, complete job descriptions, and instructions for procedures in every department. Usage of the manual doubled the efficiency in work production and team communication.
• Raised in-country local donations from 0% to 40% of the annual budget in six years through publicity, media, events, and strategic corporate and individual partnerships.